by NiklasWerthner on 13 Mar 2021

My latest project for my Demo Reel! Took me some time and with a lot of challenges but I'm happy with the result. Hope you like it and please share your thoughts :)

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Happy to share my latest work!

Main software Clarisse again. Textures made in Photoshop, rendered in Clarisse and painted on top in PS. I animated the dragon in Maya (could have invested more time there but was more like a last minute decision to use it in the FG). The buildings are mostly assets from kitbash3d and the mountains done in World Creator ( I think next time I try them in houdini ) Definitely spent more time on the night version.

Special thanks to Vanessa Mai for the statue on top of the temple and to Ander Alencar where I used some of the models provided for the MattePaint Favelas Contest.

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