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"Tempus" Short Film
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"Tempus" Short Film

Cameron Detig
by camerond on 10 Mar 2021

This is my play-by-play page as I work on an animated short for my Senior year at UNCW

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Update - 13 May 2021

Finished the semester by completing a few shots and putting together a short trailer!

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Update - 8 Apr 2021

First pass at the layout.

Update - 31 Mar 2021

Just some updates on models and groom while I work on the layout.

Update - 18 Mar 2021

I have finished the second character, Jacob. For this I was able to reuse many parts of the previous character model and rig.

I also did another pass at the storyboard / animatic and changed a few things for pacing and simplification. I used a track from Tenet as temp music.

Update - 10 Mar 2021

This is the beginning of my work on a short film for my senior year at UNCW.

Below is my first character, "Winslow" who is the antagonist of the film. At this stage he is modeled, textured, and rigged, but there will probably still be some small changes down the line.

This is currently my model for the vault, which plays a large role in the film.

The first draft of my storyboard / animatic.