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Using Modular Assets in UE4

Using Modular Assets in UE4

Griffin Lee Allen
by GriffinAllen on 8 Mar 2021

An assignment done for ART 218 at Miami University in Oxford.

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I did this assignment for ART 218 at Miami University in Oxford. This week, our goal wasn't to model or texture anything new, but instead, we started to delve more into how to actually use Unreal Engine 4 (like with importing our models and textures, creating landscapes and sky spheres, etc.). Honestly, it was refreshing to not do something involving 3D modeling. At the same time, however, I think I let my guard down in regards to that, and I ended up feeling like I was going through a time crunch while making this. Despite that though, it was interesting to finally start getting things ready for making a level. As well, things went pretty smoothly during the creation process, but after a crash that occurred from a foliage overflow disaster, I had to retexture my landscape, which was not the funnest thing to do again.

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