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Weekly Drill - Military Radio

Weekly Drill - Military Radio

jack read
by jackread on 7 Mar 2021

My take on the Military radio challenge, I had issues with my rendering situation this week.

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So this week was an eventful one, i really bit off more than i could chew, and learnt a lot of lessons with this project. 

I started by gathering reference images, my idea was to take elements that i liked, and then combine then into my own creation (though in the end i wasnt too creative)

I had an issue, my marmoset trial had ran out, and i was running out of time to submit so i threw together what i could in unreal engine to get some images together. This didnt look no where near as good as i hoped, but its the best i could do with my current circumstances.

I decided to keep the curly wire for this, its only a render so i wasnt too worried that this made the poly count shoot up a couple of thousand (more than a couple). The rest of the model is well managed in terms of a poly count. But if this was to be completely a game ready model, i would of modelled the curly chord to have no gaps inbetween the loops, so that it could easily be baked onto a cylindrical shape, drastically lowering the poly count.

Below is a Grey render of the complete model i had done earlier in the week, it doesnt serve much purpose, but i really like how a render in a single colour turns out, it really shows off the modelling in some areas.

So this assetsis in separate pieces, and from what i know, the IRAY renderer in substance painter can only do one model at a time (if im wrong, id love to know how to render more than model in there :D) 

This is the core component of the radio.

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