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Herman Miller x Render Weekly Collaboration

Herman Miller x Render Weekly Collaboration

by taylorlynndavis on 3 Mar 2021

Herman Miller Sayl Chair Competition

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Playing a video game for the first time is an experience you only get once. Being able to capture those moments of awe, fear, tension, amazement, and all of the other emotions felt when playing games for the first time is something that artists everywhere strive to achieve.

This winter, I played Skyrim for the first time. I felt drawn into Tamriel, pulled in by how effectively emmersive the game is. I could be a Nightingale, I could be a Companion, I could be a Vampire, I could be a Dovahkiin, I could be a stealth archer. Only a stealth archer. My back and neck have yet to recover from hours in front of a screen.

Having grown up with a violin, not a controller, experiencing Skyrim was breathtaking. It's an age-old gem that will never become obsolete.

Although many of us may not be able to experience the "first time" again, I hope that my work evokes nostalgia from you. : )

And for those who have yet to play Skyrim (do it), I hope this work pulls you in like Skyrim does to me. Feel the lights pouring down upon you, feel the chill of the winter night sky, and hear the roar of a dragon echoing through the clouds.

Also you can't really tell but the materials on the chair are leather and metal for the good ol Nightingale Armor! :)

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