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Atari Controller

Atari Controller

Ian Valeta
by IanValeta on 28 Feb 2021

This design was based off of the Atari 2600 Cx-40 joystick. With the help of Ebay I was able to practice making another game ready asset. I really wanted to focus on creating it for Next Gen consoles so I went more bananas with the topology.

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A Quick Note on Improvement:

Receiving critique was super helpful to transform this jarring orange background with basic lighting into something that looks awesome to me. I truly recommend getting feedback on your projects because it will give you a different, unattached perspective on your work. (Don't ask your Mom though, she's too supportive lol)

Sketchfab Model:

This was my first time uploading to sketchfab and I am definitely going to do so in the future. The UI is super clean and it allows me to contribute to the CC0 Model Community. 


PureRef / Ebay (Ref Gathering)     Blender (High Poly, Low Poly, UVs)   Substance Painter (Baking/ Texturing)     Blender Eevee (Presentation)

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