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Kuroto Robert
by Kuroto on 28 Feb 2021

Personal project to learn Blender, shading and sculpting.

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Update - 24 Mar 2021

So I finished this work. Finally. Rendering out those images took longer than I wanted. But I'm relatively happy with the result. Not so much the sand, it turns out it was a bit too difficult to do. So I guess I have to learn that too.

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Update - 15 Mar 2021

So I have created some goo. At first I was thinking slime, something like green or purple-ish but it didn't really fit so I chose red. At least for now unless I find something better. I thought I was finished after adding that and lighting but I will add more things to the scene to make it more interesting. Plus, the lighting sure needs fixing, not happy with it yet.

Of course any comments or critiques are welcome, no matter how harsh. We're here to learn aren't we?

Update - 3 Mar 2021

So the texture for the box is more or less finished I believe. Unless anyone has any suggestions. The screws are barely visible so I'll b doing something about that next.

Update - 28 Feb 2021

I am working on learning Blender more. I have done the Blender Guru tutorial (it's like a rite of passage for new Blender users), but that was a while ago so now I get back into it with my own project. This is to learn shading and sculpting. Since I joined the website a bit late (discovered it just a little while ago) I don't have many pictures to show, didn't take any. With this first project here I hope to create many more and learn along with everyone else!

I think this shading is more or less finalized. Used Substance to create it. But inside Blender I use other nodes to make it look better.