Weekly Drill  046 - Wii Remote
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Weekly Drill 046 - Wii Remote

Bailey Brantingham
by garageman on 26 Feb 2021

This week, I wanted to recreate the wii remote with the nunchuk and the wii motion plus in Rhino, since I've been taking a class with Rhino, and it seemed like a good way to get practice modeling and studying a physical reference. I ended up focusing on just the remote, but this was a fun task!

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Update - 28 Feb 2021

I decided that I had to narrow the scope of the project to just the wii remote itself, so I added some of the materials and the colored details.. I don't know much about Rhino's material, lighting or rendering system yet, so I used mostly preset materials, but this was a great exercise to get more comfortable modeling with Rhino. I made some mistakes in the shapes and proportions early on with filleting, but I'm happy with what I was able to produce. I wasn't sure how to get a meaningful wireframe, but I will definitely look for that next time.

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Update - 26 Feb 2021

Last update catching up, started working on the wii motion plus and the nunchuk connector, not sure that I like the wii motion plus, since some of the joins are really messy, but I'll try and stick with it. Really enjoying this challenge!

Update - 26 Feb 2021

Since I started doing some work on the bottom, I added a view of the bottom, and had to move to the process view. I got into detailing the back at this point (yesterday) and got pretty far along, before I realized that some of the proportions and shapes are off, as it's more curved at the bottom, and the port in the back is much smaller than mine there, but I'm happy with it anyhow.

Update - 26 Feb 2021

Added the buttons at this stage, and some more detail to the general shape. For whatever reason Cycles in Rhino really taxes my computer, so I'm using the draft quality preset for the in progress shots, which don't use many samples.

Update - 26 Feb 2021

Decided to try and model my wii remote with the Nunchuk and motion plus (hopefully!) in Rhino. I've been trying to keep a lot of the steps in the process, and this was the basic shape I originally