Stylised Pueblito Paisa
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Stylised Pueblito Paisa

Camila Valencia
by camilavalencia on 26 Feb 2021

To continue with more stylised art I decided to replicate a place that I have a lot of love for from my home country , it's called Pueblito Paisa and it's in my city Medellin, this place is one of the places where people go to be able to see a panoramic view of the whole city and enjoy good food.

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Update - 26 Mar 2021

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Update - 16 Mar 2021

Final Outcomes!

I had such an amazing time recreating this beautiful place, check out the process views to see all the final tweaks I've done 

Update - 13 Mar 2021

It's all about small changes at the moment

I added more food to one of the stalls on the background, changed the position of some of the objects and kept on working on the colour of the flowers trying to work out which ones stand out more. in addition to this I added more flowers to the scene, one box in front of one of the stalls and also added some hanging scarfs on the stall with the hats.

Update - 12 Mar 2021

I'm making final changes to the scene adding more objects to make it look more inhabited, I'm adding typical colombian things to the stalls, one of them has typical colombian hats like the 'sombrero vueltiao' and the 'sombrero aguadeƱo'. The other stall is full of fruit and cups with chopped fruit which is very typical to find in Colombia everywhere you go.

I also been changing the flowers making sure the colours pop and they don't get lost with the objects behind them and added more lights to make them stand out more.

To make the scene more complete I added trees behind the houses which also makes the scene more accurate to the original Pueblito Paisa

Update - 11 Mar 2021

I took the textures into Maya to start seeing how the whole scene is coming together, as I did this I decided to make some changes on the textures of the ground and the food stalls. I also worked more on the lighting trying to achieve the mood I want.

I did a test deleting one of the food stalls to see if the scene would look better but I decided that it works best with all the stalls instead.

Update - 10 Mar 2021

I'm still working on the textures, making small changes on the ground and food stalls to improve the look of them

And on the other hand I'm still working on the lighting and render settings to find the sweet spot for an image with great quality

Update - 8 Mar 2021

Render tests of the textures with Substance Painter, I spend around 3 days UV mapping the whole scene and I have been texturing for 3 days now. I had some issues exporting the cloth of the stalls so I will have to texture them separately

Update - 3 Mar 2021

 I continued working on the lighting of the scene making some of the houses emit light from the inside, I also started experimenting with colour gradients to set up an evening mood but I will decide later when the textures are done if I use it or not. 

apart from this I started UV mapping which will take a couple of days.

Update - 2 Mar 2021

I continued with the lighting test and decided to turn all the lights on, I added the plants to the scene and started placing some trash and signs around to make the place look more inhabited.

Update - 1 Mar 2021

Added more elements to the scene, modelled some food stalls, benches and bins. I'm still working on the lighting trying different settings to get the right mood I want for this scene and I also tested how the scene would look like if some of the lights were not on to break the symmetry of it.

Any feedback is more than welcome. 

Update - 27 Feb 2021

I continued by adding the lamps on the houses and street lights, this way I am working on the lighting at the same time I'm building the environment and I get to test different settings to set up the right mood.

I also modelled the fountain in the middle of the environment.

Update - 26 Feb 2021