Suppressor (Breakdown / learning texture optimization😀)

Suppressor (Breakdown / learning texture optimization😀)

by Bram on 26 Feb 2021

The first of mine project for the Rookies. I created this project to learn detail textures, weight normal baking, and Practice!, Practice!!, Practice 😃!!! Hop, you like it🤗

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512 texture size + detail texture

I had a small talk whit Environment artist (Chico Spans & Daniel Stok☺)thanks to my school.

They told me about detail texture and weight normal map baking, I really addicted to learning about game art so I want to show you what I learn how detail texture worked, while making the suppressor I learned very much, like more about shaders in unreal 4, detail texture and create more detail in substance painter, and more about packing my RGB channels and PBR textures.




Sadly I have downscale this 2k texture to 512pixels but I learn a lot like the colors of oil.

Baked with Weight normals

all Texture's

I used substance designer and substance painter,(didn't used smart materials)

Unreal Shader set up

thank you for watching

(for me)Learn texture optimization and channel packing multiple UV maps, more about shaders in unreal 4, and that you don't need so many texture resolution.

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