The Strawberry Frog

The Strawberry Frog

by fabianzackrisson on 24 Feb 2021

A little project I have been working on for a while inbetween internship and university assignments. This is my interpretation of a frog that the artist Kimberli Johnson painted a while back. The projects main focus was to get acquainted with Houdini and of course to create a cute frog.

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Concept art by Kimberli Johnson.


I used this project to get acquainted with working in Houdini, both in terms of some modeling, scene assembly, lighting, grooming and lookdev. Most assets were sculpted in Zbrush, the clothing was simulated in Marvelous Designer and then everything was texured in Substance Painter/Designer and further look-developed in Redshift for Houdini. The strawberries base and material is entierly procedural which also was a fun challenge. The grooming wasn't a huge focus of mine, but nevertheless I also got to try out Groombear for Houdini, surprisingly intuitive!

I'm responsible for all CG aspects except the grass, the clover and the BG tree which I got from Megascans.

This poject went through many rounds of feedback from some cool people over on Michael Wilde's Discord and also from some colleagues of mine. Always appreciated!

Hope you like it!

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