Dagger of Tutankhamun

Dagger of Tutankhamun

Salma Abou Elenin
by salmaart on 19 Feb 2021

Weekly Drill Project for Survival Knife

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It was fun modelling and texturing this Pharaonic Knife (Dagger of Tutankhamun) for the Survival Knife Weekly Drill.  I would like to note that it is indeed a gold dagger and doesn't rust, however, I wanted to achieve something different with the textures to the pristine polished museum look. I feel like this tells a story of wear and tear from use.

I've been using substance painter for the first time and I absolutely love it, it's made me actually like texturing now. 

This is rendered in Vray and modelled in Maya.

The above render is in Substance Painter. I wanted to add this as well since you can see the hand-drawn patterns a bit more clearly in IRAY

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