Weekly Drill #45 - SurvivalKnife
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Weekly Drill #45 - SurvivalKnife

Mladen Tesic
by mtesic on 19 Feb 2021

Trying to recreate the machete from Far Cry 3, but also expand on the idea of it.

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Update - 22 Feb 2021

Here is my breakdown of this weeks drill. I modeled the machete in 3ds max, unwraped inside RizomUV, and textured in Substance Painter. 

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Update - 21 Feb 2021

Started work on the textures and final look of the machete.

Update - 20 Feb 2021

Added a handle to the machete, unwraped it, and i am ready for texturing and assembly.

Update - 19 Feb 2021

This week's idea comes from Far Cry 3, and it is a machete used by the main character. As soon as I saw the new weekly drill, i instantly remembered the images of a machete stuck in the water all bloodied up. 

My main goal for this week is to recreate the image of Vaas siting on the beach, but instead of him it will be the machete stuck in a tree stump.