Magic Rescuer

Magic Rescuer

Carla Martorell Crespo
by CarlaMartorell on 17 Feb 2021

Magic rescuer is a fantasy game about sorcery, that my partner and I made in two weeks. It takes place on a valley, cats live there. Everything goes fine, untill an enormous bear appears in town, and stoles the potion that contains their magical essence. Will Asher defeat him now that he is human?

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Concept Art

Environment assets



Grumpy bear


These are some of the game's characters animations, they were made with Unity.



Engine: Unity

Assets: hand painted by my partner and I


- On the main menu, click on the ‘game’ button to start, and on the ‘exit’ to close the game.

-Move with the arrows or with the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys, for going right or left.

-Jump with the ‘space’ key, to pass the water throught the trunks, and to get to the plattforms where the elixirs are.

-Use the left mouse click, or the ‘control’ key, to throw blue fireballs with your magic and destroy the enemies.

-Get to the end of the level and pass the bear to get the Magical Potion behind him, you will have to beat him with six shoots.

-If your lives number gets to zero or if you fall on the spikes, you’ll destroy yourself and you’ll die.

-In the game’s UI you will see the items that you will have to pick up, and also your lives number. When you pick up the red potion you will get one more live, if you pick up the blue one, you’ll get more points. When you pick up the yellow one, you win the game.

-If you get close to the Final Boss, his lives will also appear on the UI.

-You can press the ‘escape’ button to pause, restart or to exit the game.

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