Retro and Sci-Fi Props | Space Ahead (VR)

Retro and Sci-Fi Props | Space Ahead (VR)

Marta Ribeiro
by martadotti on 11 Feb 2021

In this post, I show all the models I created from scratch for the VR project I was working on last block (roughly 6/7 weeks) and was done during Pre Production phase. My roles were as an Environment/Prop Artist and Set Dressing. I also worked on documenting for the Art Bible.

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Drawer Cabinet

Used for decoration. It can also be opened and key or other objects can be hidden inside of the drawers.
Wireframe | 1246 Verts


Created for decoration only. This because in VR you can't sit or you'll fall in real life. This is to be positioned either away from the player space or with the seats covered.
Wireframe | 2623 Verts


Turret Pieces

These were created to match and fit a Turret model, created by another Environment Artist in my team

Energy Canister

Key puzzle element. This model is created for the player to activate the turret, by grabbing it and fitting it in the turret.
Wireframe | 1300 Verts


Key puzzle element. Created as ammo for the Turret. This piece was created as a data container, where each piece would have a certain enhancement for the Turret.
Wireframe | 169 Verts

Control Devices

These models were created to be interacted by the player to activate something. Mainly used for puzzles. They can be reused in other areas and can make for a modular Control Panel.


To be used for Elevators or other type of gameplay that requires a button. Emissive can be changed colors and used. For the GIF of it moving, check my ArtStation here.
Wireframe | 251 Verts


To be used for any type of puzzle, activation or other types of usages for the Lever model. For the GIF of it moving, check my ArtStation here.
Wireframe | 665 Verts

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