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Apostolos Gkantinas
by paulgkantinas on 10 Feb 2021

"wow, I really wish I could be free to swim out in the open ocean; I would love to be able to travel and explore, and maybe even make new friends..."

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Update - 10 Feb 2021

I am happy to submit my final renders for this weekly project .Everything modelled and textured during the week except the toy submarine that I created in the past .I am glad that I accepted  the challenge to create something in that level in short amount of time . I Love the reflections of the furniture on the fish tank .I will keep pushing with this project by adding more stuff into the room and polishing the renters in to photoshop.However I should submit the project without any extra work with the renters as there is no more time for that.

This is a very quick sketch in order to visualise my idea . This sketch is going to be like a map for my final renders .

Day one

Day two

Day three 

Day four .... and I start panicking lol 

Day five ...

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