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FishTank Look Dev

by liukwokkwan on 9 Feb 2021

The goal of this works is to create a realistic underwater scene and merge deep compositing in the workflow. Responsible set dressing, shading, lighting and compositing

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Update - 9 Feb 2021

I did it around one months ago. The goal of the project is to focus on realism render and practicing lighting & compositing. Even it is not weekly work, I still want to submit it for review.

One day, I wanted to make some realistic render to see how far I can go, as well as using deep composition in the project workflow. I struggled for a long time about what theme I want to make, and finally, made the decision of doing a fish tank because I love creating underwater artworks.

I finished it within two weeks using my after-work time. It is quite tiring to meet my personal deadline of this project and balancing with my job deadline. I am quite satisfied with the result in this tight schedule. 

There are some improvements I want to make for making the render more believable.
The first comment to myself is adding a water layer on the top of the render reflecting the fish tank environment. 
The second comment let the fish tank glass visible in the render. 
These two comments may enhance the quality of realism.

Responsible for set dressing, shading, lighting, compositing. 

Model mostly from Megascan, Fish from Turbosquid.

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