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Harbor Before the Storm

Harbor Before the Storm

Victoria Zavhorodnia
by akbutea on 8 Feb 2021

This is level art project and all assets was taken from Marketplace and Megascans. This LVL was created as part of my studies at Smirnov School course "Level art in Unreal Engine". I want to thank my mentor from the course Viacheslav Bushuev, that was gorgeous experience!)

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Lost on the coast of a tropical island, the pier was built here for a reason. Once bright and important, over time it has lost its significance, but not for those who hide in the shadows. Pirates and smugglers, now it's their home. Sometimes, in conversation, they say the phrase "Time to feed the dog." Is it a coincidence that the outlines of the mountain towering over the island are so similar to the face of a dog ...

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