The Lost temple of Nacon

The Lost temple of Nacon

Victoria Zavhorodnia
by akbutea on 8 Feb 2021

This LVL was created as part of my studies at Smirnov School in course "Игровая локация в UE". I want to thank my mentor from the course Sergei Panin whose guide me through all location creation process. And I want to thank my friend Nina Popovych who gave me feedback generously.

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The legend of the hero Nacon tells of the great calamity that befell the world. All the lands were densely covered with thick and huge vines, there was famine and death. And then Nacon came, he found the place where the vine sprouted and began to cut it at the very root. But the vine continued and continued to grow again. Then Nacon sacrificed himself and locked himself in deep caves with the root of the vine. And again the earth saw the sun, the bread rose and the people lived happily. And they built a temple to pay tribute to this hero. But time passed, the temple was forgotten, and the vine began to grow around the world again.

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