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Fish Tank with Octopus
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Fish Tank with Octopus

by Experience on 8 Feb 2021

I was just messing around in Z-Brush Mini and made this and decided to practice rigging and animation on it.

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Update - 13 Feb 2021

I added a simple fish tank for the Weekly Drill. Here's a short animation of it.

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Update - 9 Feb 2021

I added some mandibles/teeth, and then added a red-ish texture to it. I also added a little metallic to the eyes and tip of the head tentacles. I think I'm just going to keep it simple so I can go on with animating it.

Update - 8 Feb 2021

02/08/2021 Update

I was messing around in Z-Brush Core Mini and made this.

I decided to practice making a rig for and animating it, so I exported it into Blender and made a rig for it.

I'm planning to add a face and some textures to it, then maybe do some animation.

The weekly drill for this week is a fish tank so I'll probably put it into that, though I also want to do some movement out of the water.