Witch of Mischief

Witch of Mischief

Jordan Moodaliar
by jordanmoodaliar on 6 Feb 2021

Witch of Mischief Design

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Hey guys,

I was working on a witch inspired by the Sisters of Oz game made by MahiGaming. The four main witches in their game had a specific colour theme assigned to them. There was a Red Witch, Blue Witch, Purple Witch and Green Witch. I am assuming by the colour theme and design of the witches that they are good characters, so I wanted to create an evil twin sister Witch to add some contrast to the witch designs.

My idea behind this witch is that she has to be beautiful like the other witches, yet have a mischievous and cynical feel to her overall character.I did this by giving her gothic armour and stunning jewelry to make her feel like a Witch of destruction, but with style and glamour.

I hope you like my take on this,


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