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Three Visions of Ezohika Smith

Three Visions of Ezohika Smith

Shanel Richardson
by wakamash on 5 Apr 2019

A real-time game character piece featuring three different outfits.

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Ezohika Smith is a Worgen courier based on one of my characters within World of Warcraft, but I didn't want my piece to have heavy WoW influences; so I ended up exploring and experimenting with medieval, modern and fantasy elements in order to create a more original design whilst staying true to her fierce character.

My overall aim with this project was to assess and demonstrate my current skillset and knowledge when it comes to creating characters for games; whilst I still have much more to learn, I'm pleased to see how far I've come.

Thank you for viewing!

Each set has full mesh-maps baked (excluding ID). I used metallic, roughness, opacity and height maps on top of the normals and colour maps.

Character has a (very) basic rig.

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