My first digital painting

My first digital painting

Tiago José dos Santos
by Tiago92 on 29 Jan 2021

The full process of my first attempt at digital painting: From sketching to the final result.

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My fist attempt at digital painting

The goal was to create a (somehow) realistic cat with Harry Potter references (like Harry's glasses and the sorting hat)

I started by sketching the head of the cat. I've never really tried to draw a realistic-ish cat before, so I used all the anatomy reference I could find on the internet.

Then I started sketching the body. It was trickier than I thought it would be.

Then it was time to sketch the sorting hat. I knew it would be a pain to draw it, so I've spent a good amount of time trying to get it right as much as possible.

The completed sketch.

The completed line art (which I found out later it was unnecessary)

The coloring process. I started by filling the drawing with the main colors.

Then I added the fur.

When I finished painting the sorting hat I felt that the result was not quite there. The cat's colors were too bright and it's paw tipping the hat didn't look as good as I thought it would.

Then after a lot of erasing and retouching I added the final details ("Trufi" is the name of the cat I used as reference)

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