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Weekly Drills 041 - #OhSweetCandy

Weekly Drills 041 - #OhSweetCandy

Jasmine Altham
by jazaltham on 28 Jan 2021

A week too late but worth publishing anyway! I decided to model a box of chocolates for the challenge, with focus on good colour and texture. Included my first time using Substance Designer. Modelled in Maya, textured in Substance, rendered in Arnold.

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This project ended up being finished far too late for Weekly Drill 041, but I wanted to share it anyway as I gained so much from the process. Modelled in Maya, textured in Substance and rendered in Arnold.

 I created my first Substance Designer material for the sprinkles, which turned out far better than I had hoped, and used nCloth for the first time to create the casings. I also tried to achieve a good composition, with a clear colour palette and use of lighting. 

This project also highlighted areas I still needed to work on, such as achieving better ambient occlusion on my displacement materials, baking for high quality models and having control over the lights I use. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, I'm still very new to 3D work, but overall I'm really pleased with the result I was able to achieve in just 10 days. 

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