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Ethaniel Andrew Baker
by ethanielbaker on 26 Jan 2021

Full character creation project based on pre-concepted work by Taran Fiddler.

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Update - 21 Feb 2021

Getting very close to the final scene setup and renders on this character, still tweaking the fuzz around the rope and a few colour tweaks here and there. When I get to the end of a project I like to spend a lot of time iterating on the final renders to get the best possible look to the character. It's important to try and get all the little details to shine in their own way. A few more days and this project will be complete.

Eventually the plan is to have a big splash of water coming in from behind but I’ll have to put that on the back burner for now. 

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Update - 16 Feb 2021

Update on the texturing process so far, UDIM layout has been established and first pass textures are complete. I did a bit of look development with Marmoset Toolbag 4 which I'm coming to really enjoy using, It's pretty straight forward to get some decent lighting set up and see how the model and surfacing looks with actual light around it. At this point I will be putting some time into getting a rig together so that I can manage a couple poses for the final renders.

Update - 16 Feb 2021

Update - 2 Feb 2021

With final topology set up I have begun the detail sculpt on the head, after this is done one final pass of high resolution detail will finalize the model and then the details can be baked down to the low resolution geometry. 

With this sculpt in particular I have been trying to really pay attention to different surfaces and how they can be blended into one another, this process is very iterative and often takes quite a while to get right. Through studying many different types of skin folds, skin types, and exotic anatomy my skill at this type of work has gotten better and better. The best way to train the skill is to put it to use and make the projects - work the muscle.

Update - 31 Jan 2021

Using traditional Retopology methods, as well as software such as ZWrap, I completed the retopology on the characters main body mesh and then brought this back into Zbrush to do a projection of the refined primary forms sculpt onto the new Geo. Now the model is prepared for the high resolution sculpt and then can be baked down to the final geometry inside of substance painter. 

There is a chance I will give the baking suite inside of Marmoset Toolbag 4 a try, however I am more familiar with the tools in Substance painter.

Update - 28 Jan 2021

Spent some time figuring out some UV issues with the rope assets on this character and then moved forward with establishing more of the scene. feeling good about the overall posing and proportions of the character now and I will next be finalizing the retopology before moving ahead with the detail sculpt

Update - 27 Jan 2021

Focused on the netting and rope that accompanies this character this time around, some simple IMM set up and I have a very usable rope creation brush to put together this design. Next stop: finalizing topology and moving forward into the detail sculpt of the character.

Update - 26 Jan 2021

This is a new character piece I'm putting together based off of some amazing concept work by Taran Fiddler, this project will include sculpting, modelling, texturing and presentation of a High res CG character. I would like to use this project as an opportunity to tighten up my character workflow and develop a better understanding of what the best techniques for character creation are. 

I've blocked in the primary forms of the character, paying close attention to muscle proportion and placement across the character as well as referencing many anatomical studies and photographs. I generally spend a lot of time at this stage to get a really good base in for the 'soul' of the character to rest on top of.