Candy Kittens Kingdom

Candy Kittens Kingdom

Lucy Zini
by lucyzini on 21 Jan 2021

My entry for the Weekly Drill '#OhSweetCandy', this is an environment concept piece centred around the sweet 'Candy Kittens'.

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I only saw this competition with a few days left, but was really excited by creating something candy themed. I wanted to produce a fairly large scale environment surrounding the sweet 'Candy Kittens' , as a concept artist I didn't want to just do a study of a sweet. So I opted to create a Candy Kittens Kingdom. I did some initial sketches, using French castles as the inspiration. And decided to move onto an environment blockout fairly quickly.

Final environment concept 

I learnt/used blenders landscape tool to speed up the workflow of my environment. Once I was happy with a block-out I then took a render into photoshop and proceeded to produce my environment concept.

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