Stop Right There - 3D Animation (2021)

Stop Right There - 3D Animation (2021)

Maëlle Gressé-Denois
by maellegdart on 20 Jan 2021

~~SCHOOL PROJECT~~ 2h animation : the most beautiful drama queen can also be the most stiff sherif of the West... * January 2021 *

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~ Stop right there !! ~

This animation has been done with "Twigs" a cowboy character, created by Pierre Perifel (character designer), Roman Adamanov (character artist) and Michael Fabris (rigging).

The goal of this animation was to learn about cartoon animation, quick breakdowns and gaps. 

The base was 2 contrasted poses we had to chose, and the goal was to make a link between both, as much cartoony as we could.

Done in about 4 hours.

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