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Exodites in skyrim
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Exodites in skyrim

Cameron Scott
by cscott1 on 13 Jan 2021

This is a passion project offshoot of my kroot exodite pack, I will be creating a companion quest mod for Skyrim. The Exodites will be a new enemy faction that the dragon born and his new companion must uncover and subsequently battle, it is in the very early stages

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Update - 13 Jan 2021

companion base, still a work in progress.

heavy/elite base armour

scout/hunter base

medium/hunter base 

Currently, this is in the early stages I have plans for at least one more armour set for the exoedites, I plan to give them a full unique weapon list consisting of all base game Skyrim weapon types. I will also be creating various skin textures to create a more diverse enemy group. I have ideas for a few different companion/creature types to go alongside the base exodites.

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