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Snake Battle Axe

Snake Battle Axe

Ashley Jay Thornton
by ashleyjay on 13 Jan 2021

The Snake Battle Axe, my latest game ready asset, made in blender and substance painter.

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The Snake Battle Axe made in Blender and Substance Painter.

This was my first project where I Sculpted and retopologized (Just the snake) I found this way was better than my previous efforts as things could be changed easily without any complications.

For the design of the Axe I got to use my new Wacom Fineliner 3 and Medibang  which was great practice for my digital drawing.

I tried to keep my Tris count down by baking detail on to a low poly mesh, and most of my detail was done in substance painter, I am unsure as to  if this was quicker then sculpting in blender as I had to match and blend textures to my normal map which did take a while.

Here is the 3D view of my model and is available for free in my Sketchfab, so check it out and give feedback 👍

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