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Cameron Scott
by cscott1 on 12 Jan 2021

Bringing some old favourites to life in a style and genre I love while trying to push my new skills to their limit.

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Update - 12 Jan 2021

I have always loved star wars and grew up with the prequels. I have a particular love for the original Genndy Tartakovsky 2D animated clone wars shorts and the following clone wars animated series. I always wanted to see the awesome captain Fordo and his squad in the show which sadly never happened so I figure I'll try to do it myself. The end goal is to have the entire squad game ready and rigged alongside the custom gunship as well as my own idea for a Jedi general if all goes well I may even attempt to bring some more characters into the same style such as the infamous Durge.

The project is still in the early stages though I am hoping to use this as a learning experience and to push my rigging abilities to their limits. The project was also heavily inspired by the amazing fan project star wars redemption.

Before proceeding to model the full phase one clone and captain armours, I decided to get a handle on how close I wanted to come to the art of the series itself. I found I could closely replicate the shows art direction while also making some parts my own with the majority of my colours appearing washed out with vibrant watercolour appearances that I enjoy the look of and will use going forward for the final project.

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