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Baby Devil's Flower mantis
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Baby Devil's Flower mantis

Sacha Ismail
by sachaismail on 9 Jan 2021

Here is the result and part of the process of creating an insect. Its a school project.

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Update - 9 Jan 2021

The goal of this project was to create a realistic insect. This is the first organic subject I had.

I chose a baby mantis named "Idolomantis diabolica Nymphe L2" (nicknamed Devil's Flower Mantis when it's an adult).

I realised all aspect of this project.


This is the concept I wanted to create:


For the modeling part, I realized its different parts one by one that I assembled little by little to reconstruct it. Then I sculpted the details with mudbox.

I then placed its in its environment. Then I created a new sculpt map to improve it.

Here you can see the final sculpt with the spec map. Later I added the hairs you can see with xgen.


The texturing was more complicated because there are few images of this baby insect. So I used the few photographs I had as a base, then I repainted over it to redefine its texture and add details.

A diffuse rendering :

Shading / Render

For shading I had already set the bump and the displace with the sculpt work. I needed to use scattering for make its body realistic. Then I've added some variations in the specular.


Finally I added the background and an atmosphere by compositing with Nuke.

Thank you for watching !

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