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God Of War -  FanArt - Mjolnir the Thorhammer

God Of War - FanArt - Mjolnir the Thorhammer

Arthur Fournier
by ArthurFournier on 8 Jan 2021

Hi everyone! I share with you my last work, Mjolnir from a God Of War concept art. I'm pretty happy to improved my skills on this one, at Artside School, it was a big challenge for me cause I never focused on this level of details on sculpt and that helped me a lot for the texturing. A real big thanks to my teacher, Ca

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Hi everybody, 
Here is my first post on theRookies, and I'm super excited! 
So This is a FanArt of God Of War I made from the Concept art from Yefim Kligerman ( )
It was a school project I finished today, for Artside (France) with the really great feedback of my teacher Camille Delmeule !
The goal was to lean the real time workflow using Maya, Zbrush, Marmoset and Photoshop.
I'm super happy to improved my skills on this project. This is the first time than I push a lot my sculpt in details and the curvature map had a lot of cool information, helping me for the texturing in substance painter!
Hope you'll enjoy it!

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