Weapon - Mase
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Weapon - Mase

Jose Fuentes
by josefuentes on 8 Jan 2021

This is the weapon for my next character. My goal is to complete this fully in Unreal before moving forward with the character.

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Update - 13 Apr 2021

Calling this done for now, moving on to the character next.  

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Update - 31 Mar 2021

a bit of an update, some more texture and material refinement 

Update - 23 Mar 2021

I brought this into unreal, setting up materials now 

Update - 3 Feb 2021

I feel like im getting close to wrapping up the texturing process, does anything seem off to you guys?

Update - 28 Jan 2021

I started texturing the other night, really early on in the process at the moment just colors and base materials 

Update - 8 Jan 2021

For my next character, I am starting out by taking his weapon from start to finish, the goal is to have it rendered and lit fully in UE4, to push my self to get more comfortable with the software.  Im starting to wrap up the high poly

Original concept by Naranbaatar Ganbold