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Stephen Moore
by stephenmooremotion on 8 Apr 2019

Take a look at my first organic modeling project! I wanted to focus on Greek mythology and create something that felt very moody and dark. Hope you enjoy!

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Using Greek mythology as it's structure, this piece takes us deep into a cave where an ancient statue has been found, indicating a time where Zeus, the god of thunder, and ruler of Olympus has betrayed his fellow companions. Using representative objects to portray each god and goddess, this animation displays those taking a stand against Zeus, in his search for complete power over all of the gods and goddesses.

I really enjoyed creating this project. It gave me a chance to try organic modeling, and it allowed me to improve my skills overall. I was really happy with how the story came out. There is no dialogue, and yet I feel it still conveys a strong message of the oppression of mythological characters. I am really happy with the outcome, but I think that if I were to revisit this, I would explore the possibility of creating full sized characters for each god and goddess. Enjoy!​​​​​​​

Special thanks to Kelly Warner at for creating an awesome soundtrack for this animation!

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