Weekly Drill 38: Christmas Pyramid
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Weekly Drill 38: Christmas Pyramid

Bailey Brantingham
by garageman on 2 Jan 2021

This drill I wanted to recreate a thing my grandparents have that I could only find online as "German Christmas Pyramid". This was a fun exercise, I tried a bunch of new techniques, and I hope to add a background and some more varied materials in the future.

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Update - 2 Jan 2021

This drill was plenty fun, I modelled all of the objects in Blender, then I decided to try substance designer, starting with a tutorial for wood, and mixing it with a smart material in substance painter. I also wanted to try doing a fire with unreal engine 4's Niagara, so I set up the scene in Unreal, and created the fire particle system. In the future, I hope to improve/vary the materials, better the modeling on the people, add a background to this scene, and reduce the geometry.

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