#WeeklyDrills038 --  Xmas Decoration

#WeeklyDrills038 -- Xmas Decoration

by glenese on 2 Jan 2021

Supersized Wooden Bumble Cutout -- It's been a while since I was able to join the weekly drills. Seeing as how it's the Holidays & I haven't had a chance to get my hands dirty doing traditional 2D painting, I decided to make a Bumble as decoration for my yard. He's cut out of plywood & stands about 7' tall.

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Even before any cutting of the 4' x 8' plywood, I drew out a basic concept sketch  for what I was going to create. From there I scanned the sketch & added gridlines to indicate where every 6" was going to be on my plywood so that I could approximate my idea via a large scale. I also quickly digi-painted my sketch just so I could get a rough idea of shading & to see if it would visualy have enough interest.

From there, I made gridlines every 6" on the plywood & loosely approximated my plan before cutting it out. I used to make large-scale items for outdoor Spectacles years ago, so it was good to also have some powertools in hand & smell the wood!

After priming the wood, I sketched a blockout version of my concept & began laying in the colors. In mid-paint, I decided to change my approach & opted for a variant of cell painting as opposed to my usual soft layering of shades. I figured that I should challenge myself & do something I usually wouldn't do. Plus I thought it would pop much better outside when people walked by out front. Though I still wanted that fluffy toy feeling still. So I added hair for his face  & chest plus the hands, elbows, & legs as my finishing touches. You can see the entire process below.

Just to make things a bit more presentational here & to get back into the swing with photoshop, I decided to quickly mock up a picture frame for all of the photos taken. If I had more time, I was going to make a digi 3D sculpted picture frame & then have the photos presented inside of that to also work on some 3D aspects. I'm out of time though, so here's where it ends for now. (Who knows, maybe I'll add the Isle of Misfit Toys for next year).

I know this is a completely different interpretation of 2D for a challenge, but it was fun to get some paint on my hands!  There's already been plenty of people hopping over to take pics with him & it's brought  smiles to the neighborhood children, so that's already a good way to wrap up this year of...2020.

Thanks for having a peek at my Bumble.

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