The house
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The house

Daniel Alejandro de la Torre Torres
by danieleinab on 18 Dec 2020

Project to apply all my learnings of the year. Want to push myself to make the best i can at the moment. On this project ive done: Trim sheets, Substance Designer materials, Distance Fields, Dynamic GI with UE4, Foliage creation, Parallax occlusion mapping, Vertex painting, procedural foliage placement.

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Update - 18 Dec 2020

WIP House

Still in process shots. Trees are just a test of ones i had done before, but still need to develop the ones that would work well with the scene. Some other details like rocks, stones and pebbles to set dress. Gonna start looking on to how to make a good skybox.

Grass was a pretty great challenge, learned something new on how to make it. Though it is still not great, i feel its going in the right direction. Still need to figure out how to reduce the noise far.

Other areas of opportunity are making some vertex painting on the walls to make some variations or some decals maybe. Gonna need to finish the small hut on the side and considering on remaking the roof tiles. Optimizing them with a texture and some polygons for variety. Adding plants to the pots and some near the walls.

If you have any feedback please feel free to drop it down below! This its still on the oven and there is time to add/remove/modify.

Cheers to everyone reading and happy to answer any question you might have.

If i don't post something new. Have great festivities and an awesome end of year.

See you on the other side kiddos.

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