Mede, The Guide
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Mede, The Guide

Dani Marti
by danimarti on 17 Dec 2020

I started a new character for my video game... his name is Mede. Modeled and sculpted in Blender, clothing made in Marvelous Designer, textured and rendered in Substance Painter. Hair and beard as "Hair Cards". This is a game-ready character.

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Update - 19 Jan 2021

Working on Face Expressions.

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Update - 18 Jan 2021

Update - 13 Jan 2021

I textured and rendered it on Substance Painter.

Update - 3 Jan 2021

I have been making the Sarong and the Udeng (headdress) in Marvelous Designer, the knot was very challenging...

Update - 28 Dec 2020

I have been working on Hair by using hair cards the last couple days, starting to be happy with the main shapes and hair style ... So hard and so many iterations to get somewhere acceptable.

Update - 21 Dec 2020

From 5,822,00 faces to 3,600

The magic and the curse of Retopology

Update - 20 Dec 2020

More progress from today, details and feet

Similar to the hands, I blocked first and then sculpted the feet.

Update - 18 Dec 2020

In this update I worked on the torso and hands.

Hands are very difficult, I started with the blocking having in mind shapes should be more cartoony than realistic, then I started the sculpt for main shapes.

Update - 17 Dec 2020

Hi guys! I started a new character for my new video game "Seven Temples".

His name is Mede and he will be a guide figure who will be helping us to understand the World where we are.

The style I defined for the video game is going to be slightly stylized in terms of shapes but more realistic for the textures. Characters will have more cartoonish anatomy but very detailed textures...

I didn't age the character yet, I'm still in main shapes/forms. Any feedback/suggestions are more than welcome!!

My main reference, an old Balinese man.