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Florida Man

Florida Man

Erik Nardai
by nrdiec on 15 Dec 2020

It's my portrait of Elliott Hulse.

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Florida Man

I was a little afraid that 'Florida Man' as the title of this piece might come across different from what I intended. But it carries no derogatory or funny meaning here. It's my portrait of Elliott Hulse, who as far as I know lives in Florida. And I like the term. That's it.

My main goal with this project was to set a benchmark for myself before I'll dive into Kris Costa's course, so I can compare with my progress. For now I'm quite happy how this turned out, although took a little longer than I expected. I'm sure many things can be fixed or adjusted. This marks my pre-course knowledge.

HDRi light setup:

I started with a crude character creator mesh as I wanted it for the contest, but took longer than I expected and ran out of time, so I just took it to Zbrush and sculpted as I would anything else. I used some texturing xyz for projecting textures, but mainly painted in Substance painter, using the awesome udim workflow. Rendered with Arnold in Maya, and did some post in Lightroom.

Check it out on Artstation too.

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.

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