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Archaeologist's Bag

Archaeologist's Bag

Danielle Villacorte
by dvil on 13 Dec 2020

Concept by Anton Bakhmat, done as a practice and learning resource for CGMA's Intro to Production Modeling course

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Project done while studying Intro to Production Modeling at CGMA under Vidya Vinnakota! 

Chose a simpler concept to start with as I really wasn't familiar with creating stylized work, coming from practicing on my own with archviz and hard surface, so it proved to be a little challenging! All the while, learning Substance, and still acclimating to the new kind of workflow being introduced.

Stickers were done in Photoshop and heavily inspired by Death Stranding as I was playing it in between work sessions to get a feel for how a package might experience wear and tear, and what kind of decals are present on any given piece of cargo. 

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