Rookies Weekly Drills 036 - Skateboard

Rookies Weekly Drills 036 - Skateboard

Jon Sharratt
by trashart on 11 Dec 2020

Procedurally built skateboards using Houdini from a single photoshop file template.

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Demo of Generated Skateboards


Spent some time making the trucks realistic in Maya with all parts built to make a functional and working skateboard truck. This included the kingpin and individual bearing components for the inner and outer of both wheels.

I simply trace the dots using Houdini from the Photoshop layer to then position them using expressions to align based on the boards extrusion thickness.


Gave myself the challenge to start learning some Houdini for the first time as will be starting it in Term 3 of the current CGSpectrum course I am doing.

Generate new skateboard model designs from a single photoshop file. Simply update a the template and feed it into Houdini. Created the complete Houdini system from scratch during the week. Only part I did not do which was from my Creative Cloud subscription was the awesome dog used for the decal on the bottom of the board.

High / Low Poly Modelling & UVs:
Houdini / Maya

Substance Painter


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