The Ife head recreation

The Ife head recreation

Tadas Sadauskas
by tadassadauskas on 6 Dec 2020

a 6 week, challenging project to recreate a real-world asset as truthfully as possible. I wanted to tackle less traditional aesthetics and learn how different cultures approach forms of the face while improving all my core skills for asset creation.

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The Ife head, a brass sculpture made in the 14th-15th(early) century by the Yoruba people. Initially, when the British were invading the area, they didn't believe that the locals could produce a sculpture with such sensitivity to form, rivalling the old masters. 

The original sculpture can be found here:

I decided to tackle this asset for my specialism project for its richness in tertiary detail but still retaining the recognisable forms of the face. It was a real challenge to get the material to look similar to the original and to make it real-time especially. 

You can read more about my process in my blog:

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