Sci-fi Hallway

Sci-fi Hallway

Sissy Trani
by sissytrani on 30 Nov 2020

Environment project on Substance Designer and Unreal engine. Final assignment of the course by Javier Perez.

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I'm happy to share with you this final renders of a Sci-fi Hallway: I created it for my final project of the course "Creating a modular sci-fi environment using Substance Designer" by Javier Perez.

Thanks to the teachings of this incredible artist, I've been able to create all the procedural materials from scratch: Ceiling, Walls (in two versions), Floors (In three versions plus a Grate). I understood the creative and technical potentiality of this software, and I cannot wait to explore material creation more in depth with new environments!

The hallway is made up of planes, so there's no modeling at all. I experimented some renders in Marmoset Toolbag and Unreal Engine, and I had lot of fun tweaking the lights and atmosphere to get a soft warm mysterious mood.

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