Weekly Drill 34: Isometric Room - Physics Classroom

Weekly Drill 34: Isometric Room - Physics Classroom

Bailey Brantingham
by garageman on 28 Nov 2020

I had a lot of fun with this weekly drill. I learned quite a bit about modeling with Maya and using Mash networks (7!), which was exciting. I feel more comfortable modeling & rendering in Maya. I hope to dig into texturing & lighting soon. I worked to recreate my HS physics class, the scale is off but I learned a lot.

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My work in progress shots

Various Orthographic Views

This weekly drill was a lot of fun to work on. I modeled as much as I could in Maya and also rendered it in Maya, rather than Blender, which was a triumph for me, and I used 7 Mash networks, which are incredibly fun. Wireframe drawings and the clay rendering where remarkably easy in Maya and I feel much more comfortable with the software. Many of the materials are simple colors in standard shaders, so I'd like to put some time in to learn the Maya nodes in addition to the lighting systems, but I'm happy with the modeling I was able to do for this weekly drill. I tried to recreate my highschool physics classroom from memory, and the scale ended up very off, with the drawer handles being large and the ceiling being quite high, still a fun challenge.

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