Thrall fanart game character

Thrall fanart game character

Fotis Megas
by fmegas on 27 Nov 2020

This is my first game-ready character, Thrall, from world of warcraft.

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My first game-ready character, Thrall from World of Warcraft.

For my first game character, I didn't want to try an original design, so I recreated a character that I like in my own art-style.

There were many challenges along the way, but I managed by changing my workflow, extra time from quarantine and, as every anime character says: "Never giving up".

The sculpt was done in Zbrush, retopology in Maya, texturing in Substance Painter, hair in XGen (Maya), rigging in blender, and finally animations were downloaded from Mixamo.

I still have a long way to go, but I really enjoyed the process :D I hope that sometime in the future, I can join the gaming industry and make even more awesome models.

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