The Town Square

The Town Square

Michalina G─ůsienica-Laskowy
by Miszla on 13 Nov 2020

An assignment done at Howest DAE school. The goal was to create a believable mediterranean town square.

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We started with a horizontal design - sketching a possible layout of the final artwork. You can tell I wasn't really experienced with drawing, but because of how rough they are, I like to look at them even more - to see what progress I've done.

After lots of tries I finally grasped how to draw a believable structure and chose my favourites. It was time to move to the next step.

Here you can see a final thumbnail a decided to detail. I was amazed how much have changed since the first sketch.

The final was drawn on paper. A little shading was added after in Photoshop to better distinguish individual pieces.

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