The Once and Future King

The Once and Future King

fern griffiths
by ferngriff on 12 Nov 2020

Inspired by the many different interpretations of the legends of King Arthur; ‘The Once and Future King’ is a grounded fantasy that explores themes of loss, mourning, and hopefulness through a re-imagined, romanticised, and ethereal portrayal of King Arthur’s final resting place on Avalon.

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The project covers many areas within the gaming pipeline including modelling, sculpting, texturing, environment design, and look development.

The project was made using custom assets created specifically for 'The Once and Future King' along with additional assets courtesy of the Unreal Engine marketplace and Megascans

Unique Assets created for 'The Once and Future King'.  All other assets are courtesy of Quixel Megascans.

Moss Material with Breakdown  AO|Height|Normal|Albedo

Roof Tile Material with Breakdown AO|Height|Normal|Albedo

Apple Tree made in  SpeedTree.  Tree Bark Material with Breakdown AO|Height|Normal|Albedo

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