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TDU Alley [Lighting Challenge]

TDU Alley [Lighting Challenge]

Jérôme Farzamfar
by jeromefar on 3 Nov 2020

TDU Alley Lighting Challenge to practice lighting with Arnold in Maya.

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My work

The environment was already set up with textures and shading, but the Maya scene was really broken with lots of wrong UVs, interchanged texture assignments and weird spec/roughness settings, so I had to fix and rework most of it. I also did some additional set dressing and rearranged assets for the chosen camera positions.

The day scene consists of  a simple untextured domelight for base brightness, a directional light to establish the sun as key light and a spotlight with leave gobo to extend the directional lights angle. For the next time I might consider creating an animated gobo to make the lighting a little more realistic.

I made two version for the night-time scene. They both consist of a light dome for basic brightness and practical lights visible in the scene, which are all point lights. No additional fill lights were used. I got some comments that the scene looks too hazy, but I actually like it this way and decided to leave it be. Im am still unsatisfied with the lower back window though, as its reflections look very undirected/diffuse.

My three main references for the shots:

I am always happy and thankful for comments and feedback on my work!

Thanks for reading :)

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