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by enismutlu on 2 Nov 2020

This is where I will be posting updates on how my final major project is going. I will be posting every 3 weeks adding all things related to the creation process of the interior environment I intend to create, A 'Mysterious Alchemist Wizards Room'

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Update - 11 Feb 2021

Since my last update I have made some progress, I have now moved to texturing some of the assets I have modelled for the environment. Most of section ones furniture and core assets for player direction has been modelled however, not all have been textured and there is currently no functionality within engine which I intend to add in the later stages of production. I intend for the player to be able to interact with certain elements of the assets such as opening and closing drawers and cabinet windows. I now plan on Modelling all last secondary assets for the section one and hopefully will be able to show the fully fleshed out section by my next update within the blog.

These are renders of the 3DSmax file with a few of the core elements modelled with some intended lighting added (From the potion experiment). I have now modelled all of the props I intend to create for one of the points of interest within the interior which is the potions experiment of the alchemist wizard. This was inspired from a reference I had gathered within the research stage of my project. The following are the references I had gathered. I will also add some more props onto the worktop to create a narrative behind the alchemist wizard such as; vials, books, cauldrons etc.

Here are the assets I have finished texturing. All of these were textured within substance painter and all of them are 2048x2048 resolution.

Worktable Asset; this will be where the potion experiment will be taken place so I wanted to show signs of use by adding wear in certain places of the table to tell a story even though it might be with very minor details.

Door Asset; the door was originally meant to be white but once I put it into unreal it seemed too bright (white) and out of the place so changed the colour to a more suitable colour(Brown) to suite the aesthetic of the  interior environment more.

Stair Asset; will be within section one and not the full staircase I will be creating for section 3 of the interior environment.

Cabinet Asset; this will be filled with alchemy books and will also be interactive within engine.

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Update - 7 Dec 2020

These are some of the mood-boards I have collected as an influence and reference point for the Alchemist Wizards room

This is the new map layout I have now committed to create for this project. I plan on making a grey-level to get an understanding of how the environment will be navigated around by the player, this is going to help me by making sure I know where to put certain assets which I want to get the most 'attention'. You could call these 'hero' assets. The layout has been colour coordinated these are what they represent;  Red is for the hero assets and areas, blue is for secondary assets which are still important for the environments play-through and will still have a high level of detail, yellow is for the placement of door assets, green is for placement of rugs I plan to make for the interior, orange is for draping cloth a plan to have within the level and black is for the walls of the interior.

From the map layout I have created a grey-box level for the Alchemist Wizard room. I have only included the 'hero' assets block-out and some of the secondary assets. I have not included any bread-crumbing assets such as hanging herbs or detailed vials, the reasoning for this is because the grey-box is only to get an understanding of how the level will fill out with main assets and how it will flow. This grey box will be split into segments which I will add assets to and move to other areas of the room once each segment has been completed.

This is the top view of the grey-box and how it will be split up into the 3 segments. I will start in segment one then moving 2 and lastly completing segment 3.

This is cabinet asset I modelled for segment one of the room and I know plan on texturing it very soon. I will also add books, vials and hanging herbs into this asset. The cabinet has already been added into the grey-box level within 3DS Max.

Update - 2 Nov 2020

This is the project Proposal I have been asked to create. This document contains the outline of the project and acts as the 'brief' for my final major project, its specifies what I want to do and create during the production period of the project.

Update - 2 Nov 2020

Wizards Room - Blog Entry One