Sara Wavreille
by sarawav on 1 Nov 2020

“Alice is a child surviving in a post apocalytpic world, she’s looking for the last trace of life: a crocus. The only nature she knows is from this drawing that she has. She walks everyday in this scenery with her backpack and gas mask…”

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Alice in the viewport of Maya

Crocus encyclopedia sheet

Some researches I did for the character design

Sketches for the design of the backpack


Character design: Florette Jeanmart, Sara Wavreille

Prop design: Olivier Pin (gasmask), Sara Wavreille (sheet)

Modeling: Sara Wavreille

Texturing: Olivier Pin (gasmask), Malika Mutombo Mudimi (face, hair), Sara Wavreille (sheet of paper), Sarah Mbayi (everything else!)

Rigging: Leeloo Corten

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